Sven Väth @ The Sand

Sven Väth with Gabriel Ananda, Raresh and Chris Tietjen

Sven Väth (born October 26, 1964 in Germany) is a DJ who has produced a large body of work since his career began in 1982. He is also one of the founders of Harthouse Records and the now-defunct Eye Q record label. Väth is also known as R U Ready and Sam Vision. He has been a member of the groups 16 Bit, Astral Pilot, Barbarella, The Essence Of Nature, Metal Master, Metal Masters, Mosaic, and Off.

He also owns the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt/Germany, where he often performs.

The Sand Bv
Mekongweg 5
1043 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 6147252

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