27 March 2008 20:00 @ Bitterzoet

In the summer of 2000 Pascal Deweze writes a number of quiet acoustic songs to form a nightly antidote to the loud Metal Molly concerts. These are primarily meant as personal relaxation after a night of rocking out. The songs end up on a demo-for-friends-only, called “Songs of Home and Country”. With the help of a drummer living on the top floor in the same house (Stoffel Verlackt) and a stand up bassplayer who lives three houses to the left in the same street (Pieter Van Buyten), they suddenly turn into an acoustic live group called Sukilove. To make things a bit more difficult, the group is temporarily completed by Carol Van Dyk of Bettie Serveert and they mutate into a group called ‘Chitlin’ Fooks’. They record two full albums filled with ‘dusty old folk and country music’ and tour the US in 2001.
March 2002 finally sees the release of the first Sukilove EP ‘Talking in the Dark’, on the American Parasol label and later on the Dutch Waaghals label. The CD contains crackling home recordings, both acoustic and heartfelt. Meanwhile, they’ve been joined by extra guitar player Helder Deploige.

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