stig noise sound system

12 April 2008 22:00 @ OCCII

stig noise sound system
With Family Battle Snake and Weirding Module

Stig Noise Sound System / Stig Noise / Stig / Stiggou.

six people making a big stupid awesome noise.

A collective of differently aged males based in Liverpool/London UK, harbouring traces of exotic mongrel breeding and painstakingly aquired skillsss in making:

Mariachi-> Spazzcore-> Noise Hop-> WonkStep->Showtune's.


--> Currently when playing live they use 2 decks, a theremin, 1 big drum kit, 1 little drum kit, a cheep guitar, 2 trumpets, an old casio keyboard , an old lapsteal hawwain guitar, some beats, a cheep bass , a banjo, some dubplates, Big Muff no:184, headphones used like microphones, a boss DD1 and a melodica... all our bits go through a shit onstage mixer.

It is best applied at high volume in equal measures of brutality and beauty during a well attended celebration of live music, pref in a grimey basement, on floor level or outdoors... maybe on a rooftop somewhere, around sunset... a surrounded by smiling/joyful/dancing people.

In the last few years Stig Noise Sound System have played with some amazing artists/musicians inc. Dj Scotch Egg -> Deerhoof -> Shitmat -> John Parish -> Akira The Don -> Jason Forrest -> Gay Against You-> Bilge Pump->Agaskodo Teliverek-> La Coutea Jaune -> Mugstar-> Team Brick-> Germlin-> Quack Quack-> Filastine-> Duracell-> Babar Luck-> Action Beat-> The Calvin Party-> Barr-> Soeza-> Hunting Lodge-> Gulpepsh-> an endless amount of amazing people / artists / promoters.

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