Kashmir Lounge: Celestial Night Grooves

12 October 2007 22:00 - 03:00 @ Kashmir Lounge

12 October 2007

On a saturdaynight during 'The week of the DJ' in Amsterdam's disco the Roxy DJ Celeste won 'The Puppy DJ Battle'. Beside that she played on the winning truck of the Gay Pride on the FFWD PARADE in Rotterdam. In February 1997 she started organizing her 'Celestial Night Grooves' every thursday at Abraxas in Amsterdam. In January 1998 Celeste had a DJ Set together with JEFF MILLS for the VIP-club of Amsterdam's Paradiso. She has been a 'party starting' DJ for Faithless at Paradiso twice. Eversince she plays at party's and clubs in different Dutch clubs, but in foreign clubs as well. She played in Turkey, Spain, Israel, Indonesia, Portugal and China. DJ Celeste describes her record choice as MIDI-SOUL, or "house with soul, funk and disco influences with a twist to techno-trance"

DJ Celeste has played with the following DJs: Dimitri, Jeff Mills, 100% Isis, Tiesto, Angelo, Carlyn, Paul Jay, MarYsol, JP, Erick-E, Krush, Natarcia, Jurgen, Marcello and manny more..

Now about 10 years later DJ Celeste is still very busy and she organizes the 'Celestial Night Grooves' at the Kashmir Lounge in Amsterdam at the moment. Feel like having a smoking evening? Be there!

Jan Pieter Heijestraat 85
The Netherlands
1053 KM

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