Amsterdam has a lot of them: They are young, ambitious, beautiful, lively and they come from all over the world. They arrive in the city and try to build up a new social life. The more of them you get to know, the merrier. It will give your stay in Amsterdam more vibe!

Flattuesday is exactly for this group of people! People who want to meet other people. Spice up your life in Amsterdam and come to the flattuesday drink every first Tuesday of the month in café Thuys , De Clerqstraat in Oud West.

The flattuesday concept is simple: no strings attached . So if you think you are young, social, ambitious and in for meeting peers, the only thing you have to do is jump on your bike, go to café Thuys and order a drink....

The idea of flattuesday is originated in Rome. Here a guy started to organise drinks in his flat for the young and ambitious: lawyers, diplomats, consultants, doctors all in the age of 25-35. His idea was to make Tuesday the new Saturday... the group got bigger and bigger, so they started to organise drinks in bars and clubs and created a forum on the internet to keep everybody informed about date and location. Now flattuesday is a phenomenon in Rome with over 3.000 members and a waiting list for new members. Their parties and drinks are legendary not to mention that it is an extremely efficient and powerfull network community!

For now we are not aiming at 3000 yet, but what works well in Rome, should work for Amsterdam as well!

So spread the word....see you flattuesday!

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by Flattuesday Male
23 June 2009 at 23:58

Great event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! subscribe at www.flattuesday.ning.com

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