3 April 2008 20:30 @ Melkweg

Caesar was a three-piece guitar band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In 1996, the band members Roald van Oosten (singer/guitar), Sem Bakker (bass) and Marit de Loos (drums) had the very first release of the Dutch Excelsior-label with their debut album Clean. Later they released “No rest for the alonely” (1998), “Leaving sparks” (2000) and the self-titled “Caesar” (2003). In 2005 the band had a sabbatical, which was followed by the release of the compilation album “Before my band explodes” in the beginning of 2006. Early 2008 the frontman Roald van Oosten announced in a press release the end of the band’s existance.

During the last years of the twentiest century Caesar had maneuvered themselves firmly among the Dutch elite, a notoriety gained from accomplishing just about everything possible, including several successful shows at ‘Pinkpop’ and ‘Lowlands’, respectively the biggest and the coolest rock festivals in the country, and winning prestigious prizes for their album work.

A new project of singer/guitarist Roald van Oosten is the band Ghost Trucker, which released their debut album The Grand Mystique in October 2006.

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